Green Electric is Sri Lanka’s leading LED lighting brand. A 100% Sri Lankan business and a subsidiary of NMI Infra, an ISO-certified Sri Lankan company.

NMI Infra was founded in 1995 with the vision of providing infrastructure facilities to Sri Lanka’s telecommunications industry. Under the guidance of our chairman, we joined the LED bulb market subsequently and became the market leader. Thanks to our 26 years in the industry, we’ve recently expanded into the sectors of electrical engineering and renewable energy as well.

The introduction of Green Electric’s LED bulb product lines, which are eco-friendly, sustainable, and affordable alternatives to conventional high-energy-consuming light bulbs, was motivated by a feasibility analysis of the current services that suggested switching out high-cost energy-saving bulbs with low-cost energy-saving bulbs may reduce customer high-cost billing.

We encourage and empower our people to learn new skills and reach the greatest productivity levels possible to meet their professional and personal goals. We make significant investments in ensuring a safer workplace for our employees, commencing with a strict environmental protection policy.

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